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United States Passport Costs

New and Renewal Passport CostsHaving a passport is one of the most important documents you could ever have. A passport book allows you and anyone to travel and tour the whole US and other foreign countries. A passport card actually proves your identity and in which country you belong. There are many types of passports such as a diplomatic passport and an alien’s passport. But the main concern of many is how much a passport cost?

If you are planning on getting you first passport card and passport book there are certain steps that you’ll so. Passport application for first timer must apply in person. There are many passport offices located in the United States. You can apply at a Passport Agency, Acceptance Facility or at a US Embassy or Consulate. You can be assured that your passport application will be at ease.

You will need to have some legal and valid documents to proof your identification and citizenship. But what if you were born abroad? If that’s the case then you’ll need important documents from the Consular of Birth Abroad.

There are also some needed documents that you’ll need to fill. You can download this passport application form at the official website called Travel.State.Gov.
If you had a passport dome when you were still sixteen years old or under then you’ll need to download form called DS-11 form. And if you’re renewing your passport book then it is possible that you can renew your passport book and passport card through email and download a form called DS-82. What if your passport was stolen or lost, then you’ll need to download the DS-63 form. All applicants who will submit a DS-11 form must show up in person when applying.
Note that there are some certain special requirements for ages 16 and under that are applying for a passport book and card. Some documents to submit are Parental Consent form and Identification of Parent(s)/Guardian(s).

The United States Passport Costs and FeesYou’re also going to need pictures. These pictures should be two passport sized pictures. When applying, it is advisable to have multiple copies of your picture. Make sure that in the picture your expression is neutral and with a white background.
Now that you have all the needed documents for passport application you’re probably going to ask how much the passport cost is.
The application fee for a passport varies depending on the age of the applicant. An adult passport book and card can cost up to $140. If you only applied for a passport book then you’ll pay around $110. And if you already have either a valid passport book or passport card then you’ll need to pay an amount of $30.

A passport book for under the age of 16 will be around $30 to $120. A minor passport book and card application fee cost at least $25 plus an execution fee of $25. That will be a total of $120 for the total package. A minor passport book can cost up to $80 with an additional execution fee of $25. And for a minor passport card, it will be only around $15 plus a $25 for execution fee. If the underage goes above the age of 16, he or she will need to renew it for an adult passport.

The question now is can you apply for a passport online. Unfortunately no, though some needed documents can be downloaded through online.
A 24 page passport book consists only of 16 visa pages and if you travel a lot then this wouldn’t be enough. Then you might want to apply again for additional pages and that has a passport cost service of $82.

What if you just got married but you already have a passport. You might want to request for a name change in your passport. But how does it work. Simply make sure that your name change is legal. If your name change is due to marriage you need to have a certified photocopy of your marriage certificate or if it’s legally change due to court orders then you’ll need a copy of that court order. You also need to download some important application forms. You can mail through the Embassy and make sure that you can trace the delivery. Also use a secure packaging to protect and ensure the safety of your important and legal documents.

Now all you have to do is wait for your passport application to process. It takes around 5 to 6 weeks for your passport to be delivered. There are steps in processing your passports that can delay your passport. If there are any problems or delays or during peak season, the government will surely notify you in advance to avoid any misunderstandings. You can also pay twice if you want your passport to be delivered to you in less than 3 weeks but it’s something you’ll need to consider.

There is now a popular passport that is going around and is being used. It is the Biometric Passport. This passport also known as an e-passport is both an electronic passport and paper passport. It has a small almost unnoticeable computer chip embedded on the card. This saves the information electronically and displays photo pages of your passport. It uses fingerprints, facial and iris recognition to certify that you are your passport. This biometric passport or electronic passport is used against anti-fraud and for security features. Around August of 2007, this type of passport is being used by the US and they only issue this type of passport. This biometric passport cost around $90.

Now that you know what you’ll need to do for applying for a passport and the passport cost, apply now. Get ready to spend at least less than $150 for your passport.

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Cost for Passport Book or Passport Card

Passport Cost









 How much will your Passport Cost?


The passport cost varies and depends on whether it’s your first ever passport or just a renewal and also how quickly you need your passport.  An expedited passport can incur additional costs and if you need to travel within 30 days you will want to used a third party passport expediting service.

Passport Fees / Total Passport Cost

Passport Book Fees

For people who are applying for their passport for the first time here is the passport cost:

Adults (people 16 and over)

Passport Application Cost- $110

Execution Fee – $25

Total Passport Fee – $135


Passport cost for a new passport for a child/minor (anybody under 16 years of age)

Application Fee – $80

Execution Fee – $25

Total Passport Fee – $105

The passport for a minor is less expensive than the adult passport because it is not valid for the same time period.  An adult passport is valid for 10 years.  How long is a child’s passport valid? – 5 Years.

If you are renewing your passport book here is the breakdown of the passport cost:

Adults (16 and over)

Application Fee – $110

Execution Fee – $0

Total Fee – $110

You save the cost of the execution fee on a renewal passport since the processing has already been done by the government initially.


Passport Card Fees

A passport card is less expensive than the passport book fees.  It’s a popular choice to keep your wallet for travel to countries that do not require a passport stamp including Mexico and Canada

For people who are applying for the passport card first time here is the passport cost.

Adults (16 and over)

Application Fee – $30

Execution Fee – $25

Total Fee – $55

Minor (Under 16)

Application Fee – $15

Execution Fee – $25

Total Fee – $35

For people who are renewing their passport book here is the passport cost.

Adults (16 and over)

Application Fee – $30

Execution Fee – nil

Total Fee – $30


Passport Card and Passport Book Together

If you want both passport card and passport book together for the first time, you have to pay less and here is the passport cost.

Adults (16 and over)

Application Fee – $140

Execution Fee – $25

Total Fee – $165


Minor (Under 16)

Application Fee – $95

Execution Fee – $25

Total Fee – $120


If you want to renew both passport card and passport book together, then here is the passport cost.

Adults (16 and over)

Application Fee – $140

Execution Fee – nil

Total Fee – $140


Application Criteria

All first time applicants including children should apply in person at the Passport Agency. All renewals can apply via mail.

First time applicants are required to fill up and submit DS–11 form.

All renewals are required to fill up and submit DS-82 form.

The following certificates are required for First Time Applicants:-

  1. DS-11 form (filled up)
  2. U.S. Citizenship Proof (Birth Certificate or Naturalized Certificate)
  3. ID Proof (Drivers License, Government ID, Naturalized Certificate etc)
  4. Photocopy of ID Proof
  5. Passport cost
  6. One Passport Photo

Difference between Passport Book and Passport Card

Passport Book is necessary to travel via flight. Passport Card can be used to travel to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean by land or sea. Passport Card was established for people who frequently travel to neighboring countries. Passport Book is the main item which every citizen must possess. The passport cost varies accordingly for both.


Soon you will begin to see biometric passports which will have an even greater cost due to the technology required in biometrics and the fact it contains fingerprints.  This technology will increase the ability of the United States and other countries to keep track of who comes and goes and better identify fraudulent passports and wanted criminals.  The cost of these passports will be well worth the security it provides, even if there is a privacy concern by many people.

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Information about passport costs











Getting a valid passport can be a tedious job if you do not have the necessary information about passport cost, duration and rule regarding filing up a passport form. A passport is a legitimate identity card that approves an individual to be a legal citizen of a country. It is a must document whenever you plan a trip to a country other than your residence one.

How to apply for a passport?

If you are a new applicant for a passport, you need to get a passport application form for Rs10 from the passport office and fill in the valid entries accordingly. Recent photographs, date of birth proofs and other documents will be required for the verification of details and photocopies of each should be attached to the form. Even if your passport of lost or damaged you can apply in the similar manner providing the additional documents along with your application. You also need to attach an affidavit along with your application by a legal advocate.

Relation between passport cost and duration

Passport cost or fees vary with the duration of validity of your passport. For instance, a new passport with the validity of ten years will cost 1000 rupees which will remain same for the minor applicants between 15 to 18 years of age. Also there are different type of passport applications available with different number of pages that can cost your differently.

How long will it take?

Once all your documents are completed and verified by the passport office, police and regional officers, you can easily get your passport within four to six months. In case of tatkal applications, it may only take around a month to get you a new passport. Your passport will serve as your permanent legal identity while you travel all round the globe.

Thus getting a valid passport is a must for you to travel in different countries of the world. With a valid passport you need not worry about your identity authentication anywhere you go. Once you get your passport you can apply for the visa and get going on. So if you are planning for a trip abroad or have a business to deal in a different country, must get a valid passport. In order to avoid delay fill in your passport form carefully and clear out all your passport cost so that your may get your passport easily.

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Emergency Passport Cost










Passport cost generally varies depending on the type of passport service you need and the manner you would like the application to be processed. In case of an emergency wherein one is required to obtain passport in less than two weeks, there are 2 options available. Though, the first one will cost you a little more in terms of fees while the other one will consume more time, so you have got to decide which one to go for. Let’s take a look at each processing method one by one:

The availability of Emergency Passports at a Regional Agency

Throughout the United States, you will find Regional passport agencies probably in every major city and these agencies are here to help those who need to get a passport in 14 days or less. Also, if you need a travel visa along with your passport, so you can apply 28 days before your departure. The passport cost will depend on the application you submit. For an adult, the application fee will cost $75 along with an execution fee of $25. Apart from that, a minor is required to pa only $60 for the application fee and $25 for the execution fee.

Getting an emergency passport through a Professional Expediter

Over the years, Professional expediting services have been around and a lot of people have achieved success results with them. The best part about the expediter is; it relieves you from all the chores like visiting the agency, passing through the security check and above all, waiting in long lines. The expediter you choose will perform all the tasks for you without you dealing with all these hassles. As far as the passport cost is concerned, the fees start at about $65 and go up to $299. Though you may find the cost a bit higher in the latter case but the fact is; While taking all the concerning factors into consideration the overall cost may be a bit more than expected if you are going to submit your application by your own. In a nut shell, this cost is nominal because your work will be done hassle-free.

Doing a thorough research is a must

It is very important to take into consideration all the aspects of calculating the total cost. Spending a few minutes would not harm you; rather it would help you in making a wise decision. So, by now you must have realized which is the better method of applying for an emergence passport cost.

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